Springing onto the stage


Harrison Kuhn

Senior Kyra Rahn and Junior Kenna Damitz performing during parents night

Julia Hansen

The spring production for Owatonna High School theater is called Sylvia. It is a story about a middle aged man who is struggling with life choices, and the setting is revolving around his work. One evening during a walk in Central Park, to clear his mind, he comes upon a stray dog, Sylvia. The old man takes Sylvia home, not thinking about the negativity his wife would have towards the stray dog. The most important twist in the storyline is that Sylvia can talk. This changes how the characters and audience view the dog as the characters are able to understand the dog’s perspectives and ability to twist the story.

This play will be brought to life by Kyra Rahn (as Sylvia), Kenna Damitz (as Greg’s wife), Jacob Wright (as a man, a woman and a gender neutral character) and Sheldon Jensen (Greg). The small cast has been rehearsing since the middle of March, giving them enough time to work on portraying their character honestly. The biggest challenge that the actors have overcome is memorization, and not having a big cast can make it harder to bring everything together for a long performance. The director, Mr. Erik Eitrheim, is very proud of this group and how prepared they are. Mr. Eitrheim said, “Anybody who loves dogs will love this play. It should be exciting and bring a lot of laughs and different emotions.”

Kyra Rahn has been preparing for her role as Sylvia by spending time with her own dogs at home. She has been noticing things they do, and taking any opportunity to steal signature movements or behaviors from them to make a connection with her character. Rahn said, “I hope the audience has as much fun seeing the show as we have had putting it together, because it has been an absolute ball.” Kenna Damitz was casted to play Kate, who is the wife and does not really like Sylvia. Damitz has been in four other OHS plays/musicals and said, “I feel so lucky to be able to be a part of this show. I’ve never done a show with this small of a cast, and it’s really been a great opportunity to grow as an actor.”

Sylvia was performed on April 17 for their family night, and the production will run from April  19-21 at 7 p.m. and on April 22 at 1:30 p.m. All showings will be held in the OHS auditorium. Prices are $5 for students (free with an activity pass) and $7 for adults. Come support this spring play and the talented cast.