Baseball’s blustery start



Dawson Leer gets ready for a new pitch in his at bat

Casey Cumberland, Staff Writer

The OHS baseball team is coming off of a difficult 2017 season, but they are determined to leave it in the dust. They have been off to a rocky start with the weather not being in their favor.

The team has already had several games postponed and cancelled due to the weather, leaving the only option for practicing inside the gym at Owatonna Middle School. Senior Captain Noah Budach said, “Being in the gym for so long has definitely made things harder, but we just have to stay locked in. All this extra time to practice will help us prepare for first game.” The team has working keep the focus in practice by changing the the scenery. They have taken practice to the Austin Dome, Rochester batting cages and having team bonding events. These activities help the team keep their motivation, and feeling like they just go through the motions with the repetition of indoor practice. Coach Tate Cummins said, “Practices get a little long, but we are giving max effort.”


The team leaders and coaching staff have done a good job of creating a competitive atmosphere, and this goes a long way for making the team feel like a true team. The players on the team this year have played together before, and know each other well before the season even started, making it easier to come together. Another thing the boys are good at doing is understanding their role, because having everyone know what they need to do goes a long way in helping the team win. When the weather prevails, the team will be ready to dominate what is left of their season.