From SDSU to Nebraska

Peyton Robb finds new home


Harrison Kuhn

Three time state champion and Pan- American gold medalist Peyton Robb will wrestle for University of Nebraska

Brock Stephenson

Early in November of his junior year, Peyton Robb decided to commit to South Dakota State University to pursue his wrestling career. Up until recently, his future wasn’t in question. This was until Chris Bono and John Reader the head and assistant coaches at SDSU made the decision to transfer together to the University of Wisconsin -Madison. This forced Robb to decide whether to stay under a new coaching staff or re-open his search for a new school.

Since Robb committed early in his wrestling career, he did not receive offers from many colleges. This left SDSU as a primary offer in Robb’s eyes. Following his commitment to SDSU, Robb went on to have one of the best off-season performances he’s ever had. He was on the all-tournament team at the National duals, then went on to win his first Junior National title. He also was able to travel to Argentina for the Pan-American Championships, and picked up two gold medals in freestyle and Greco-Roman. This drew more attention from other college programs to Robb’s success.

With the news of SDSU’s coaching staff leaving, Robb’s commitment was put into question. Robb’s scholarship was still secure, however, he would be performing under a new coaching staff. Early after the news broke, Robb asked for a release from his National Letter of Intent to SDSU. After many contacts back and forth with the athletic director and new head coach, Damion Hahn, Robb was granted a partial release. This meant he was given permission to contact and visit other schools, however, he was not allowed to commit to any other schools. Without a full release Robb would either have had to stay at SDSU or take a year off of wrestling to commit to another school. Eventually Robb was granted his full release. During his time being partially released, he was able to contact the University of Minnesota and the University of Nebraska. Both of these along with SDSU were Robb’s three ideal choices.

This past weekend, Robb took a visit to the University of Nebraska. The following Monday, Robb decided to fully commit to the University of Nebraska. He said, “Nebraska seemed to be the full package for myself, and I think I’ll fit in better with the Nebraska team than anywhere else. Everything happens for a reason.”

Robb will be training alongside multiple senior world team members and Olympic champion, Jordan Borroughs. He will begin taking summer classes June 4, the day after his high school commencement. While there, he will also be training to make junior freestyle and Greco-Roman world teams through United World Wrestling.