Encore Performance


Aida (Izzy Melgard) is surrounded by her fellow Nubians

Dom Nelson

The cast of Owatonna High School’s production of Aida is heading to the State Theatre stage in Minneapolis on June 11. The musical received an outstanding performance award and a high rating, which qualified the cast to perform in front of the Hennepin Theatre Trust Spotlight program. The casts hope is to accomplish a successful three minute performance that will give the group their time to shine. This moment could enhance a few of the students careers in musical theatre, as well as give the performers an experience on a whole new level. Director Erik Eitrheim said, “I’m excited for the cast to gain experience from performing on a bigger stage, it’s not as much about what I can gain from it.”

Aida (Izzy Melgard) is comforted by Radames (Nick Hagen)

Nicholas Hagen (Radames) sees this as an opportunity to show the talent he has been showing Owatonna for his four years in the OHS. He hopes to successfully run through a three minute performance to showcase the talent of those involved in the production possess. Hagen said, “I hope to gain connections with experts of theatre and experience on a major stage.

Izzy Melgaard (Aida), a sophomore, is relatively new to the OHS theatre department. She has already proven herself as not only a fantastic singer, but as an actor as well. Melgaard said, “I am hoping to gain experience and a new outlook on theater. I’m super excited to see the different types of shows that other schools are doing, and gather inspiration from many theatre communities.”

To attend the performance tickets can be purchased from the Minneapolis State Theater website. The website holds all the information you need to know about the performance. Eitrheim and the OHS Theater Department hope to show off the talent everybody knows they possess on June 11.