Saving money with the honey app


Press Release

Allen Esquivel

Online shopping is becoming one of the most popular ways to shop, and a new app has emerged for online shoppers who like saving a little extra money at the checkout. In 2012, founder Ryan Hudson and co-founder George Ruan, built web-extension called Honey. The purpose for this app was to automatically find users coupons while they are online shopping.

As stated by Business Insider about Honey founder Mr. Hudson,  for a couple of years  Hudson and Ruan struggled to receive users and investors to put money in to their browser app. As time went on the founders saw that Honey was starting to click, and more people were starting to gravitate with the help of the internet and recommendations. The app has now now been downloaded over 5 million times combined with Chrome, Safari and FireFox. It finds discounts for over 21,000 thousand stores, but Honey only works on a desktop or laptop, because it is currently not available for mobile phones yet.

Money saving browser-extension such as: Sidekick, CouponFollow and PriceBlink are not comparable to Honey because these apps basically do price comparisons for the customer and just informs a person were they can find the lowest price. OHS senior Juan Maya has been using this browser-extension app and had this to say about it,  “I’ve been using honey for about three  months and I like it because it has helped me save a couple dollars when I’ve shopped online.”

Honey is operated by following the shopper to find a discount for each item that a customer is looking at. The app automatically provides the discount code at checkout to be applied, and there is no fee or charge to begin using the app. Honey can be a real money saver if used right. To download or further your knowledge follow this link.