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Everything Sucks available on Netflix
Source: IMDB

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Everything Sucks available on Netflix Source: IMDB

Hailey Cockram

The new Netflix original TV series, Everything Sucks, is revolving around the life of high school teenagers in the 90’s. It consists of 10 half hour episodes that were released on Feb. 16, 2018. The show’s setting is at Boring High School in Oregon.

The show begins with three freshman outcasts joining the AV club, also known as the audiovisual club, on the first day of school. The AV  club is a group of students that run the high school news cast. One of the boys Luke, has a crush on a sophomore Kate, who happens to be the principal’s daughter. Luke asks her to be his girlfriend not knowing she is questioning her sexuality. Kate agreed to being Luke’s girlfriend, even though the rumors about her being gay went around the school.

The students’ school play gets cancelled due to an accident in the auditorium, so the AV and Drama club decide to make a movie, which is eventually shown to the whole school. While creating the movie, Luke discovers videotapes his dad made before he left him and his mom. Luke’s mom Sherry is growing closer to Ken, Kate’s father and Luke’s principal. The show continues to follow the students’ lives, and the production of the movie throughout the season. During the production of the movie the students encounter some issues that change the outcome of the production. At the end of the season the movie is shown to the school, and the series has accomplished being able to pull viewers to watch upcoming episodes.

The TV series has been given 69 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, a 62 percent  on Metacritic and a four  out of five on common sense media. Online critics and reviews have positive things to say about the show. Brian Tallerico, a top critic from RogerEbert.com, gave a review saying, “It’s not perfect, but it’s a pleasurable experience just spending time with these young people, especially those played by the super-talented leads, Jahi Winston and Peyton Kennedy.” Another top critic from Sydney Morning Herald, Brad Newsome said, “Yes, this is another sentimental coming-of-age comedy-drama but it’s one that does become quite involving and affecting, thanks in large part to an achingly vulnerable performance by Canadian youngster Peyton Kennedy.” Magnet would give this show a seven out of ten because it has a realistic storyline, but it didn’t emotionally pull us into it.

Everything Sucks takes a look back into the 90’s, showing the struggles teenageres have and it helps viewers relate because most teenagers are having these struggles right now.The ending of the season also leads viewers to hope for another season. As of right now only one season has been released on Netflix, but rumors are going around saying another season is somewhere in the future.