Marching on


Serena Omangi

Marching Band practicing lines and rows for the Memorial Day Parade

Dom Nelson

The OHS marching band is back in the swing with practice in order to prepare themselves for their upcoming season. Practice began the week of April 30, and the season will carry out to the last week of June, where they perform for the last time while attending Camp Shamineau in Motley, Minnesota.

Each year, the marching band has a theme that their outfits and music define. Last year’s theme was “fly” and this year’s theme is “bloom.” The music this year will be compiled of the eclectic style. The marching band will perform a whopping eight parades in only two weeks. Director Mr. Peter Guenther has been directing marching band at the OHS for 16 years, and directed at Lake City Minnesota for eight. Guenther hopes that the music will define what the theme insists.

It isn’t all about the music to Mr. Guenther and the students. Junior Nathan Buegler, who plays the baritone horn, said, “I’m looking forward to not only the music and the performances, but the bonds and connections that are made throughout the season.” Friendships are bound to be strengthened when you spend hours upon hours of physical practice and time out of school together. Mr. Guenther said, “Marching band is a sport, practices are physical. You walk out of marching band mentally and physically tired.” As tiring as practices are, Mr. Guenther also said, “Marching bands look great and sound great because of what happens in the classroom.”

Last summer, the marching band went on a trip to California and performed at Disneyland. Mr. Guenther and his students have plenty of stories to tell about the experiences encountered while in California. Mr. Guenther said, “Marching band goes beyond the music. If you get that chemistry locked that ascension is guaranteed.”

In marching band there are two drum majors, the woodwind and the brass drums. Usually, Mr. Guenther tries to select one underclassmen and one upperclassman for the drum majors. This year, sophomore Ethan Sellers has been selected as the underclassman drum major. He is looking forward to leading the drumline this year, but like Mr. Guenther and Buegler he is looking forward to the connections and experiences. Sellers said, “What I always look forward to with marching band seasons is definitely spending time with the people in it.”

There are many aspects to marching band that create an enjoyable environment. Whether it is the trips, intimate practices or performances, it is safe to say that Guenther and the company enjoy the season. The marching band will be looking to take first in their parades, but as Guenther’s band director once said, “You either win or gain a learning experience.”

The OHS Marching Band will be preforming at the annual Harry Wegner Marching Band Festival in Owatonna  on June 16.