Blast to the past

Homecoming week is here at last with the students of OHS stepping out of our everyday routine to spice things up. This years homecoming theme is “Through the Decades.” The head of homecoming committee, Mrs. Sandra Justice, shared her plans for the upcoming week, and some of the ideas to make this year different. The dress up days for this years homecoming is unique, and the theme is one of the committee’s favorite ideas so far. Mrs. Justice said, “I love them because it incorporates so many different eras, and made me feel like I was reliving my childhood.” Mrs. Justice shared that even though there have been obstacles, like the dance being moved to McKinley and finding a DJ, that it is still going to be a great time.

Homecoming week has a lot of fun events for the students to participate in. Julia Dallenbach is one of the leaders in the homecoming committee this year. Dallenbach said, “I am really excited for the dress up days, the dance and the pepfest. My favorite part was being in charge of everything with Camryn Bartz, and it feels good to know you are helping out.”

Homecoming Royalty

The Top 12 Homecoming King and Queen candidates were announced Friday, September 7, at 7:50 a.m. in the OHS auditorium. Top 12 Homecoming Queen Candidates included Molly Hawkins, Lauren Arthur, Morgan Blood, Paige Boedecker, Alyssa Cicero, Lainy Boedecker, Sydney Kretlow, Victoria Dietz, Mary Sager, Lily Redman, Grace Cocchiarella and Emma Maher. The Top 12 Homecoming King Candidates included Adnan Abdullahi, Dawson Ringhofer, Joseph Edel, Matthew Segler, David Keller, Matthew Bueltel, Zachary Barrett, Nathan Buegler, Joseph Stransky, Jason Williamson, Mason Rhoades and Benjamin Zappa.

On Wednesday, September 12 at 7:50 a.m. in the OHS auditorium, the Top five Homecoming Royalty was announced The Queen Candidates were narrowed down to Lauren Arthur, Grace Cocchiarella, Molly Hawkins, Sydney Kretlow and Emma Maher. This year, due to a tie, there were six possible Kings. The Kings that made Top 6 this year include Nathan Buegler, Matthew Bueltel, David Keller, Matthew Segler, Joseph Stransky and Jason Williamson.

The Coronation pep fest was held at 9:30 a.m. in the OHS gymnasium.The queen candidates were narrowed down to: Arthur, Cocchiarella, Hawkins, Kretlow and Maher. This year, due to a tie, there were six possible Kings. The kings that made Top 6 this year include: Buegler, Bueltel, Keller, Segler, Stransky and Williamson.  The homecoming committee crowned Buegler as the 2018 Homecoming King and Hawkins as the 2018 Homecoming Queen.