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Alyvia Johnson gets ready to return a serve

Solomon Havelka, Writer

The young Owatonna volleyball team has started off to a slow start. Off to a one and five start the volleyball team is looking to turn things around. With no seniors on the team this year they have relied on two junior captions to show the leadership amongst the girls. After many well played- close matches the Huskies had a come from behind victory. After starting down ten points to zero to Albert Lee in the first set, the team came back to win the game in a hard five matches.

The youthful Huskies are lead by a core of nine juniors. The team’s captains are juniors s Check Kaitlyn Madole and Alyvia Johnson. The team has been slowly gaining confidence and trust in each other the team has started off to a 1-5 conference record. Captain Alyvia Johnson said, “Both captains, Kaitlyn Madole and I have to always been encouraging the girls though good or bad. We are trying to make them go 110% in practice and practice like games.” The young team with no seniors, is looking forward to building up confidence and trust throughout this season for next season.

Coming off a team with a healthy amount of seniors second year coach Whitney Ordal has had to step up helping the young team play their best . Coach Ordal said, “We are learning how to battle through whole games. I am excited for how young we are because seems like we are wanting to learn more, and next year will have a year of experience.” Going forward for Owatonna volleyball they are looking to build up trust and momentum for next season as the team is looking for as much experience together as possible.The team will be wrapping up regular season play at home on October 16 vs. John Marshall. The team is looking forward to sections starting on Oct. 24.