New opportunities for the first Miscast Cabaret


The silent auction will be on Saturday at 6 p.m followed by the Cabaret at 7 p.m. Donations go to the Owatonna Theater Boosters Club.

Kenna Brown, Writer

Miscast Cabaret is a fundraiser for the Owatonna Theatre Boosters Club. It consists of a mix of different people, singing different songs from different shows. This gives students a chance to sing and play parts they have always wanted to do and have not had the opportunity to yet. There is over 16 different songs that will be performed, some from current OHS students, some from OHS alumni, and some songs are being performed by people who are interested in theater and want to support the fundraiser.

Mr. Erik Eithreim has been the OHS theater teacher and director for 19 years. Mr. Eithreim said, “I am both very excited and fascinated to see all the talent on stage, and the mix of different characters. It will be very cool to see what they come up with.” The actors and actresses have been putting in hard work at play practices one to two days a week after school since September. Senior Evan Peterson is participating in the show, he will be doing “Magic to Do” from Pippin, and “Waiting for Life” from Once on this Island. Peterson has been involved in 12 theater productions. Peterson said, “I am super excited to perform the group number “Magic to Do” because it is such an upbeat and fun number, and all of the people involved are so talented.

Miscast Cabaret will be on Saturday, Oct. 13 in the OHS auditorium, the silent auction will begin at 6 p.m. and the performance will be at 7 p.m. for one night only. It is free admission to the public, anyone can come support the fundraiser and their peers.