Halloween: Is It Really Scary?

Parents tend to be extra cautious and worried for their children’s safety on Halloween night. Most of the time, they end up worrying over nothing, but there are rational fears that parents may have. Fortunately, there are some easy ways for parents to keep their children safe while they are out having fun.

Determining the safety of a neighborhood can be difficult. According to the United States Census Bureau,”Less than 80 percent of United States households agreed their neighborhood could be trusted in 2013 and 17.3 percent admitted they believe their neighborhood is victim to a lot of petty crime in 2015.” Almost every night on a holiday, young adults have been found to celebrate irresponsibly. According to Alcohol.org, “Almost 20 percent of men, and 12 percent of women in the United States binge drink on Halloween.” Intoxicated people roaming the streets at night may be fun for them, but it would be very frightening to be a parent of the children who share those same streets.

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Parents of younger children often take extra precautions by walking with them or leave with them before the sun actually sets. OHS senior Nick Staska said, “On Halloween, when I was younger, I got really scared when a man dressed as a black Gremlin jumped out at me.”

Children can stay safe with the basic advice their parents usually give them; don’t go to houses without lights on, check the candy at the end of the night, bring lights to point at the ground, having bright colors incorporated into their costumes and always walking within eyesight of their parents. Officer Smith with the Owatonna Police Department recommends, “Wearing reflective colors, staying on the sidewalks and always being mindful of vehicles on the street.” These extra precautions can make a difference in whether a child’s safety may or may not be compromised.

To avoid becoming a victim of petty crimes, children and teens should always stay in groups, avoid uneasy situations and empty streets. Taking a few extra steps like this can be an easy way to make a parent’s Halloween a little less nerve racking. Children are often frightened before they even leave the house, from weeks of horror movies and seeing bigger children in detailed costumes. Parents strive to keep their children not only safe, but happy because a safe Halloween is a fun Halloween.