Sophomores stepping up with respect

Devin Omangi, Writer

The 2018 Respect Retreat will take place on Oct. 25 for all sophomores. Due to the snow storm last year on April 2, the retreat was canceled, along with the junior ACT testing. The sophomores will be split into two locations; the OHS and the Steele County Historical Society. The Respect Retreat is put on by the Youth Frontiers, an initiative of the NSW Government thats goals are to help schools environments be grounded in character by enhancing the importance of school and respecting others. Students will learn more about their peers and how to appreciate the differences they have, as well as learn how to be kind and how to respect those differences.


The Respect Retreat is a positive way for students to learn about respecting others. OHS Counselor Mrs. Tami Langlois is in charge of the Respect Retreat. Mrs. Langlois said, “The sophomores need to be ready to have a fun day, and to be ready to learn about their classmates.” The respect retreat will take place from 8:10 a.m. to 2:40 p.m. during the normal school day. OHS Sophomore Asad Ali said, “The Respect Retreat is going to impact me by making me become a better person and more respectful towards my classmates.”All sophomores will report to the auditorium at 8:10 a.m.   Youth Frontiers will return to OHS on April 2, the freshmen class will also be participating in their own Respect Retreat for OHS test day.