Rahrick headed to state tournament for tennis

Rahrick sets team record


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Emily Rahrick heads to the Minnesota State Individual Tennis Tournament on Thursday

Julia Dallenbach, Writer

Senior tennis captain Emily Rahrick is heading to the Minnesota State Tournament  on Thursday Oct. 25. Previously winning the semi- final match against a John Marshall competitor score 6-0 and 7-5. In addition, Rahrick then moved on to play against Mayo player in the final four competition match. With the final set scores being 6-2 and 6-3, Rahrick pulled through with second.

Rahrick credits her success to her effort during the off season. She said, “I play tennis because it is a good way to stay in shape, and the team is really supportive and fun.” Rahrick will miss the team when her final match is played, however she is excited to have the opportunity to play at state. Assistant tennis coach Mrs. Fink said, “She has accomplished a lot this year with being the first number one single’s Big 9 champion since 1997. She now has the most wins ever of a girls tennis player.”  This is Rahrick’s first trip to the state tournament. OHS wishes Rahrick good luck at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, at the University of Minnesota.