Madden is now mobile

Carter DeBus, Writer

Madden Mobile ‘19 is a head to head game play that involves challenges to increase the users knowledge in football, and has recently been released on Oct. 15. It has new challenges such as ultimate team, live events, live auctions and it involves the user in facing opponents from all around the globe. The game is very popular during the football season, and the company is always making new updates to keep it up to date with the live rosters and stats. Junior Carson DeKam said, “It’s a tough task being the best. I’m way too good for anyone to take me on head to head.” The game is always changing which is one of the main reasons it is still popular. In addition, the company puts together daily challenges to encourage the user to come back on a daily basis. Madden Mobile keeps their rosters up to date to make sure the players are the same as the people you see on TV. The free version of Madden ‘19 keeps the game popular, because more people have access to it and can play on a daily basis.

Madden games have been best sellers since their first release on June 1, 1988. Since then they have made over four billion dollars in sales. Kids continue to buy the game as new consoles come out or new covers are being released. The first version of Madden Mobile came out in 2014 with everyone ecstatic to finally be able to play on their phones. Junior Ethan Walter said “I love how the game is seasonal and super easy to download, so when football comes around it’s a must download.” The game has a very competitive aspect that makes the players want to come back and compete until their better than their friends.