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Nevin Schroeder, Writer

For the thirteenth year in a row, the OHS Robotics team is back with their eyes set on success. On Wednesday, Oct. 31, the robotics teams holds their first meeting of the year at 2:45 p.m. in the options A plaza. On Jan. 5 OHS Robotics kicks off their competition season at the Northern Lights Regional in Duluth.

On Nov. 19, robotics will hold  a parent meeting in options A-107/108. Mrs. Val Rose is the adviser for 13 years, but this is her final year. Joining robotics looks good on college transcripts and can qualify students for scholarships. In addition skills will want for robotics are being creative and hardworking, but from Mrs.Rose herself,”Travel to the outer limits to the universe in an exciting challenge for rebel alliance.” Rose wants the team to focus on building a stronger sense of a team.

The first year of the OHS Robotics team they placed first in their events. During each competition there are roughly 60-120 teams that participate. It is a rebuilding year with graduating seniors that made impacts on the team.he team is making huge improvements from close to last place to making their way closer to the top. The team is planning on having achievements this year to change how they can be better when it’s time to fight.

While robotics is an after-school extra curricular, it helps you become a creative person and makes you think outside the box. The team had an accident last year while working on their robot. As the team was building, they clipped a wire, and started a small fire. In addition, Estae Green said that she will have the memory of this incident. Green and other seniors have been apart of OHS robotics since they joined in 7th grade. Memories from when they started still to come to mind as good memories. Owatonna Junior High School/ Owatonna Middle School, which is were students begin learning the logistics of robotics. enior Estae Green, “Plant the seed that starts the stem.” The team lives by this because robotics was an E-Stem program at the Those who cannot make the meeting’s and would like to join, should stop by A plaza after school and talk to Caleb Kess before the meetings.