Chill at Chill Aqui


Source: Chill Aqui Facebook

Chill Aqui translates to “chill here” in English. Chill Aqui translates to “chill here” in English. New Coffeehouse in Owatonna “Chill Aqui” translates to chill here in English

Nicole Skalicky, Writer

Chill Aqui is one of the many new businesses that has recently been opened in Owatonna this year located at 124 26th St. NW, Owatonna, Minn. At Chill Aqui, one can find an extensive menu of coffee and tea, and a range of authentic Mexican food, from steak tacos to egg cakes. The menu offers a diverse array of food that’s unique, but also stays true to its roots. Everything is reasonably priced with the food ranging from $3.75 to $6.50, and the coffee from around $2 to $5.

Chill Aqui sets itself apart from other coffee shops with its nitro coffee. Nitro coffee is regular coffee with nitrogen added in. The nitrogen gives the brew a new foamy texture, and it’s healthier than regular coffee. Sugar is absent in the coffee because of the foam made by the nitrogen.The gives the consumer’s taste buds the perception of the sweetness that sugar gives.

The atmosphere at Chill Aqui is standing out to many customers. Junior Leah Tucker commented on her experience at Chill Aqui, and said, “It felt homey inside, and I really liked the Christian music being played. The tacos were my highlight.” Chill Aqui translates to “chill here” in English, and with its coffee scents, cozy environment and peaceful music, it can easily be made into a new productive study space.