Business internships at OHS


Emily Beckmann

Mr. Tate Cummins and Braeden MacIntosh conferencing about his mentorship placement

Emily Beckmann, Writer

Business internships are a great way to start gaining experience in any field. OHS offers students chances to start their working resume through business mentorship and business internship.

One business in Owatonna that has offered internships is Federated Insurance. The insurance headquarters offers four different paid internships that students can be applied for. The business internship class at OHS have approximately thirty-five students working part- time. This class allows students to leave school early at the beginning of their last period to go to their job.

Business internship classes main focus is to maintain fifteen hours of work a week. Not all jobs are flexible with their schedules, so if a student cannot work immediately after school it’s a time to get caught up in homework, rest or to get prepared for an upcoming shift. This class provides four days where students can leave and one day to talk with their teacher and touch base with them on how everything is going. Mr. Tate Cummins’ role in the OHS is to help guide and mentor kids during the process of the class business internships.

Internships when you get into college are a little more profession based and often if you are to graduate with a four year many schools will have you complete an internship with a company or organization.

— Mr. Tate Cummins

Business internships help lead young adults who do not know what they want to do grow in experience, improve and to gain new skills. Internship student Lyric Broton said, “I think business internship has helped me take more responsibility with my job.” If a student is looking into this taking this class, it gives students an idea of what to go into when going off to college. Mr. Cummins said,  “This will help you down the road especially when there is so many dollars at risk when you decide to go off to college if that’s a decision you decide to make because school is not getting any cheaper.” To qualify for this class, students have to be a senior and have to have a positive outlook on going to work and accepting that work is something that is crucial to becoming an adult. Taking classes in the job field of interest such as engineering, machinery or science before signing up for a business internship can help students prepare.

Another class the OHS provides is business mentorship and this class does not pay, but is also another great experience. In this class students job shadow, and follow a mentor around that is considered a professional in their field. Students observe, watching and asking questions when the time is appropriate. Internships can help students see if a particular profession is a good fit or if it is on the complete opposite spectrum of what they want to spend the rest of their life doing. This class has the potential to save money and time by finding a perfect career fit, or atleast the careers that do not fit. The OHS has many ways to help get students ready for college or life after high school and these classes are just a few of the many great tools the school has provided for their students. Student register for these classes in the spring.

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