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Joe Mauer receives standing ovation in his last game of his career. Source: CBS Sports

Nicole Skalicky, Writer

In 2001, the Minnesota Twins selected Joe Mauer for the first pick in the first round of the MLB draft. At the time, no one was aware of the impact Mauer would have on the state of Minnesota, including Mauer himself. After all, he had originally planned on playing college football before deciding to enter the MLB draft, which has definitely proved itself to be the right path for him.

In his 15 year long career, Mauer hit 143 career home runs, had a batting average of .306, with his peak being .365 in 2009 and he had hit just over 1,000 runs. His successes have been globally recognized by the baseball world, and he has won many prestigious titles because of it. Mauer received the AL MVP award in 2009 and appeared in six all star games, along with winning three Golden Glove awards. His talent was not the only thing that made him an instant favorite by the public. Mauer’s optimistic personality and upbeat outlook on the game and life provided the chance for him take on the role as a public figure for many young people. During his retirement press conference, he wholeheartedly recognized how he felt, even with all eyes on him. Mauer said, “I’ve always had a saying that says ‘you try to do your best because somebody’s always watching,’ and I carried that with me everyday I went to the ball field.”

With his third child recently being born, Mauer ultimately decided to end his playing career at this time so he could put more time into his family. OHS Junior Kora Larsen has watched Mauer for as long as she can remember, and regarding her feelings towards his retirement, she said, “Joe has been on the team since I was born, and to see him leave will be weird, but good for him. Maybe we’ll see him at a game or two.” Mauer did make it clear that he would always be there as a helping hand for the Twins franchise, and that one day he may look into managing. For right now, rest is number one on his to do list. Joe Mauer will forever have utmost respect and gratitude from the state of Minnesota in return for the impact he has given the twins over the last 15 years.