Delles Solie’s last game

November 25, 2018


Serena Omangi

Coach Solie talking to Ethan Rohman

Along with the seniors, the Huskies will lose defensive line coach Delles Solie. Solie has been a football coach for nearly 40 years, “A lot,” of which have been in Owatonna. This being his last season, he hasn’t done anything different. Solie said, “I’ve probably just appreciated what I’m doing as a teacher and a coach, because I enjoy what I do. Just enjoying the moment.” Solie has done more than coach these boys, he has taught them valuable lessons about life and character.  At the welcome home celebration after the championship game, he said, “The wins are just a by-product of just doing things right. There’s always a price to be paid for whatever you do in life.” After Solie spoke, he received a standing ovation from the team, coaches and fans in appreciation for his dedication to Owatonna and the football program.

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