Hallmark holiday

Kenna Brown, Writer

I like Hallmark movies because they are free and have a variety of movies during the holiday season.

— Sophie Gieseke

With Christmas right around the corner, people should expect heavy snowfall, constantly scraping windshields, and a helpful dose of Hallmark movies. There is no better way of getting in the Christmas spirit than sitting down with a mug of hot cocoa, a warm fuzzy blanket and binge watching corny holiday Hallmark movies. Most Hallmark movies follow the same plot, starting with a bah humbug character, meeting a pretty girl, falling in love, and then bam. Plot twist, something breaks them apart, but do not worry, they usually end up back together, under a mistletoe.

Not all movies follow that typical storyline though, such as Time For me to Come Home for Christmas, which premiered Dec. 9. The story line of this movie is a song written and sung by country artist, Blake Shelton. Shelton wrote the Christmas song Time For me to Come Home for Christmas back in 2012 with his mother Dorothy Shackleford. The movie revolves around two lead roles, Heath and Cara. Summed up, Heath is going home for Christmas when everything is shut down due to a snow storm. He slowly falls in love with Cara as the movie progresses. Something just as simple as that description can make someone want to watch the movie.

Hallmark does an extraordinary job at picking a variety of Christmas movies to play over the holiday season. This channel is known for bringing families together with their movies. New upcoming movies added to the list include Entertaining Christmas, A Gingerbread Romance and When Calls the Heart Christmas, all premiere before Christmas. There is something special in each one and that brings people back to watch another. It could be that there are no cliffhangers, maybe predictable endings or something as simply as their cute stories. So wrap up in a blanket, grab some hot chocolate and get ready to binge watch multiple Hallmark movies this holiday season.