A Very Merry Netflix

It is finally the time of year where Netflix and all other online movie streaming platforms fight for the best possible Christmas movies they can. This year, Netflix is happy to accommodate some of the classics everyone remembers. One of the most exciting films, accommodated by its recent 2018 animated film The Grinch created based off of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, a 2000 live action family comedy. Film starred Jim Carrey as an angry Dr. Seuss character bent on destroying people’s Christmas spirit. Other films recently added to get people ready for the holidays are Bill Murray’s A Very Murray Christmas, Dear Santa, Love Actually, Holiday Engagement, Get Santa and many more.

Netflix accommodates over 100 Christmas and holiday movies for all age groups. Ranging from Netflix originals such as Nailed It: Holiday and Christmas Chronicles, children movies like Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, romantic movies such as Christmas Kiss, all the way to adult comedies like Bad Santa, both one and two. Netflix is making sure they have covered a very wide array or holiday genres, Netflix has everything needed to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Make sure to hop on and get a very merry Netflix holiday season.