Lots of laughter during Ho Ho Bingo


Julia Dallenbach

Whitni Minton running to claim her prize

Julia Dallenbach, Writer

With the holidays approaching the OHS decided to get into Christmas spirit by playing the annual HO HO BINGO. It was held after first hour during Tuesday Morning Meeting. The bingo numbers were announced through the intercom while holiday music was blaring throughout the school. All students could participate and if there was a winner they could run through the halls screaming “HO HO BINGO!”

The OHS has played bingo for over 15 years. Student Council Adviser,  Sandra Justice said, “Ho Ho Bingo is a way to have a throwback ,and still have a fun time as you go into a break like you did in Elementary school.”

The event was planned by student council members and lasted about 30 minutes. Molly Hawkins who helped plan the event said “I think Ho Ho Bingo is just a fun way to close out a busy week. It’s a break from the stress of finals and everyone loves that!” Prizes were handed out to winners which included bagels, donuts, bath bombs, t-shirts, candy, etc. Winner Whitni Minton said, “It’s very exhilarating and fun, it’s nice to take a break between classes and tests to play a stress free game.” Ho Ho bingo was a great way to give students the chance to celebrate the holidays before winter break.

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