The world behind a blindfold

Nevin Schroeder, Writter

The movie Bird Box was released to Netflix on Dec. 21, 2018. The film was directed by Susanne Bier and includes the main actors Sandra Bullock, Keith Jardine, Sarah Paulson, and Machine Gun Kelly. Bird Box is about a mysterious force that decimates the population. The mysterious creature can form into people and things that people gravely miss or want. The despair that follows the victim to commit suicide, but only if they look at the creature. This movie puts viewers on the edge of their seats. The survivors must come face to face with their worst fears. Senior Vance Matejcek watched the movie as soon as it became available on Netflix. Matejcek said, “I like that the movie makes you think ‘Would this happen in real life?’, and I also like how the mother protects her kids and gets them to a safe place.”

Netflix garnered attention when it became announced that Sandra Bullock was the lead actress. Bird Box was viewed by more than 45 million different accounts during its first seven days on the platform, which drew both ups and downs on the movie. Malorie goes out foraging for supplies to help her family survive in a world where they must be blindfolded. Bird Box shows suspense by the sound of music, the knocking on the doors, not knowing who’s on the other side, the sounds from the woods getting closer.

Throughout the whole movie, Malorie kept two birds in a box that makes a lot of commotion when evil is near. Bird Box is a movie that must be seen in order to find out the intense ending. This movie leaves the viewers wanting more and will also make them think about what they would do if it was them in that situation. Senior Wyatt Garten said, “I thought it had a similar story to the movie A Quiet Place. It has good moments, but some of it I did not understand why it was in the movie, and I would change those parts of it.” Bird Box is available to Netflix subscribers, at the price of $9.99 a month.