Killing it on the dance floor

Ashlikay Castillo, Writer

The Owatonna Dance Team has shown their talent on the team with their successful season so far this year. Both junior varsity and varsity teams have found success in three of four competitions.

After last year being the inaugural year as a team, they have created a base. The team completes off-season workouts like yoga, and have gone to Fitlab to complete exercises. Senior captain Morgan Blood said, “I’m excited to continue improving on our dances and get better. I’m also excited to continue to bond as a team. Sections and Big 9 will be very fun.”The team has previously performed at boys basketball and football half times.

To choose music, the team has a choreography team who decides on a theme and from there, the team picks out songs that will blend with the theme. After they have the songs picked out, they mix the songs together to go along with their routine. Choreography team member Brianna Bailey said, “This year we wanted to do more of an out of the box theme, something we really haven’t seen. So we ended up going for a groovy theme, from there we picked out our costumes and music. We went for a seventies vibe.”

The team continuously works together to perfect their routines their best ability, and they continue to strive to compete for their very best. Coach Victoria Johnson said, “Things have been going very well. We’re staying competitive with southern Minnesota teams, so that’s good for us. We have a very good dynamic group of girls.” The team’s next competition will be the Big 9 conference meet Saturday, January 19 at noon, located at Albert Lea High School. The team has their community performance on Saturday, Jan. 26 at 11 a.m. and it will feature dancers from around the area as well.