Review: Escape Room

Elyssa Munch, Writer

Escape Room starts off at an extremely fast pace and thrilling atmosphere but then cuts to a calming and relaxed environment. It introduces some of the main characters by showing them in their element and gives moviegoers some insight into their lives. Director Adam Robitel used a wide variety of people to make the movie interesting. Actress Taylor Russell plays Zoe Davis as a high school girl, Jason Walker is the leader of a trading company by actor Jay Ellis, Nik Dodani plays Danny Khan as the escape room enthusiast, followed by war veteran Amanda Harper acted by Deborah Ann Woll, actor Logan Miller uses his talents as the stock boy Ben Miller and Tyler Labine’s character Mike Nolan is a former miner. They all want to get away from their normal, ordinary lives and are all attracted to the escape room for different reasons.

The Escape Room incorporates the very real fears of the players one by one. They all have things about their pasts that they fear and the escape room focuses on those fears, which terrifies each player as they make their way through each level. Every character works together to face the conflict that lies ahead. Although skeptical at first, the players quickly realize that the game is way too real and is not fake. The main fear factor in the movie is taking the pasts and fears of the players and using them to psychologically challenge them in a new and spectacular way. Early on, Amanda grows nervous as she realizes the true danger sooner than the others and she wants to leave the escape room, but they can not. The audience learns that each character has a common factor of being a survivor in their own horrific events from the past.

Cameras follow the action very closely to create the feeling that the viewer is there with the characters. Audience members see all the events through multiple perspectives but never know any more than the characters do. Sound effects add to the ambiance and keep moviegoers as well as characters on their toes. There is constantly something going on as the players face new challenges that keep getting more and more difficult. Suspense is built continuously throughout the film as new obstacles are put into place and the reality of their situation begins to sink in the hearts of each player. Junior Korey Adams commented on his experience with the film saying, “I really enjoyed the movies twisted ending seeing as none of the players ever really won because the game never really ended. There were some great moments and some bad ones, but in the end, it was a horror movie with a horror movie ending.” This movie is definitely unique and although not suitable for all audiences, it is a great film for when someone is looking for something new and exciting.