Crowned and fabulous

Snow Week 2014


Mady Vieths

Ryan Huang and Quinn Reinhard were crowned Snow King and Queen

Students sat anxiously awaiting the crowning of their Snow Week King and Queen at the 2014 Snow Week Pepfest Friday afternoon. “The atmosphere here is unforgettable” said senior Lauren Stewart. The Pepfest started off with an energetic go big blue as the cheerleaders performed their wonderful winter routine. Next, the sophomore student council members led the Pepfest with a game of musical chairs on steroids: contestants had to make their way to moving chairs while blindfolded. It was a blood match, but eventually senior Nick Beck took the title of Best Musical Chair Player Ever. Quinn Reinhard commented, “This actually a very intimate game of chess, all of the players seem like they are dancing and strategizing their way across the gym.” Next, the top five candidates played The Egg Game, and what a crack up that was! The top five were constructed to walk blindfolded across a tarp covered with eggs and not break any. The hitch here was that there were actually no eggs on placed on the floor. Some contestants took a head on approach and ran for it, while others made the slow trek across the eggless tarp. Their minds were scrambled when they realized that the ‘yoke’ was actually on them. Next, tug of war took place in which the seniors took second. It was a really close match. Concluding the Pepfest was the crowning of the royalty. With a drum role from the pep band and sharp intakes of breath from the crowd, the anticipation before eventually crowning Quinn Rienhard and Ryan Huang was almost too much to handle. Congratulations to Rienhard and Huang, and may your rule be as cool as this Snow Week has been!