Slashing at the app store

Nevin Schroeder, Writer

Hockey Nation is the hottest hockey game out in the app store. Hockey Nation has a rating of 4.6-star rating out of 5. While playing Hockey Nations there will be a heated rivalry between the player the computer and someone online.

There are 50 intense goals to complete during season mode. Also, join others to play on the same team to go live with other players across the country. Lastly, there is an outdoor series can play. This is played under the lights, have six teams to compete against to crown outdoor champions. The games are played either at a stadium or on a pond in Minnesota. The only bad things are once the players play the game for so long there become ads in the game. The ads promote other hockey games and if the players playing watch so many ads they can unlock new things. There are modes that unlock additional pieces you can buy for special jersey’s, different hockey sticks or special stadiums.

Hockey Nation has had tons of viewers. Most of the viewers are across the country, with a small amount in the united states. Senior Tyler Sackett said, “I love the new games that are out on the app store, the only thing I hate is that all the fun games you have to buy.”

Hockey Nation was made as a kind of promotion for the Winter Olympics, which allows people to play as one of 40 North American teams, 27 Russian League Teams, 19 international teams, or two all-star teams senior Sam Pumper plays a lot of Hockey Nations. Pumper said, “I’m a huge hockey fan, and this is the first hockey game that I like the other ones suck, I play it all the time.” Hockey Nation is free in the app store.