Solving success

Student Profile: Mile Kuhn


Charity Jackson

Junior Miles Kuhn programming during robotics.

Charity Jackson, Writer

Great intellect is probably the first thing people associate with Miles Kuhn. Many of his peers are aware he has a consistently high GPA and phenomenal standardized test scores. However, Kuhn not only has a great mind but also is successful in practically everything he takes on.

Kuhn’s complex mind and intellect are repeatedly seen through his participation in the OHS Math League. Math league coach and AP Statistics teacher, Mr. Steve Benson said, “He is competitive, instinctive and has a natural way of working with math.” One of Kuhn’s role models is Albert Einstein, a notable theoretical physicist. Kuhn said, “I admire how he perfected the idea of thinking about things and then translating it into something like a beautiful equation.” Similar to Einstein, Kuhn’s intuition and instinct make him stand out. In math league, participants have to create solutions to problems when there is no correct way to approach them and steps are not available to solve them. Benson said, “Miles is very good at finding solutions to these sort of questions and can find a way to the solution that other people wouldn’t naturally think of.”

The average day in Miles Kuhn’s life probably differs from other students. He gets up quite early and reads next to his fireplace before going to school. His favorite subject is math, specifically calculus. Kuhn said, “I’ve really always liked how numbers worked.” Kuhn is currently working on his own program that can determine functions from data to predict anything from sports games to the weather. This neural network framework project is one of the things Kuhn is most proud of. It involves around three months’ worth of time and thousands of coding lines. After working on this for a while, he reads from one or two of the books he has in rotation before going to bed.

His activities include cross country, track and field, jazz band, robotics and math league; he has flourished in all these areas. Kuhn is now the captain of the boys cross country team, a member of the elite OHS Jazz Band and the top scorer for the OHS Math League. He is also a remarkable leader, which was noticed when he received the Kyle Dekam Leadership Award in eighth grade, a prestigious award in Owatonna.  In the future, Kuhn plans to become a business owner specializing in technology.