Rebel romance

Kenna Brown, Writer

Isn’t it Romantic is the newest romantic comedy, in which a woman gains the power to improve her life following a concussion. Natalie, played by Rebel Wilson, is an architect whose colleagues treat her as a doormat. Natalie hates anything to do with romance and believes that love is a waste of time. Her life is changed when she gets mugged and hits her head. She wakes up in a romantic comedy and has to figure out how to get back to reality. At a young age, her mother teaches her that love only happens in the movies, and she should not waste her time watching them. Actor Liam Hemsworth plays Blake, Natalie’s real-life boss, and romantic comedy love interest. Actor Adam DeVine plays Josh, who is Natalie’s best friend. You may recognize this pair from the hit series Pitch Perfect.

The movie is really short, with a running time of only 88 minutes, but it is filled with humor, life lessons, and love. Isn’t It Romantic gleefully makes fun of romantic comedies, while also satisfying the viewers love for the classics. The messages displayed are the most important part. Teaching the audience that self-respect should always come first, and never settle to be treated as second best. Isn’t It Romantic is breaking the romantic comedy barrier, adding twists, turns, and even some musical numbers.

Cameras follow all the action very closely to create the feeling that the viewer is involved and engaged. The audience sees the movie throughout Natalie’s perspectives, including all her thoughts and jokes. Music and sound effects add to the ambiance and keep the moviegoers, as well waiting to see what happens next. Natalie faces new challenges on how to get out of her rom-com world. The jokes and humor is shown throughout the entire movie, and there is always something to laugh about. Senior Abby Olson said, “I liked it. I liked how it was a fake love story, and how the main character would talk about how all love stories went, and how she felt it would never happen to her. The ending was the best.” Isn’t It Romantic is in theaters now, and rated PG-13.  It is currently showing at Northwoods Cinema 10.