No need to lace them up

Devin Omangi, Writer

Nike has come out with a self-lacing basketball shoe. The abbreviation of the shoe is E.A.R.L (Electric Adaptable Reaction Lacing). The shoe electronically adjusts the lacing pressure to fit an athletes foot. The heel flashes blue on the back of the shoe when it starts tightening. The Nike Hyperadapt is the first self-lacing shoe available for customers to buy in retail. The price of the Nike Hyperadapt when it was first introduced was $720 back in 2017. Nike just announced, however, that they are lowering the price to be more affordable for customers.

During the spring of 2019, the price will drop to $350. Senior Sean Bergeman said, “The Nike Hyperadapt are awesome and convenient it is always a pain when you have to tie your shoes. They also help basketball players stay focused on their game, not worrying if their shoe comes untied.” Nike has an app called Nike Adapt. Where players can pair the shoes via Bluetooth on their phone. Customers can fine-tune the fit, switch between presets, customize lights and check battery levels. The Nike Hyperadapt is currently sold out on the Nike website due to the high demand of the shoe. The shoe will be back on the market spring of 2019.