New music space to open in Owatonna this spring


Dom Nelson

The Music Space of Owatonna will be a record store as well as a concert venue.

Dom Nelson, Editor, Writer

Music is seen as a form of art that connects all people, and nearly everybody has a love for it . Especially Mark Woodrich, a 52-year-old former real estate agent and Owatonna, MN citizen. This lifelong love for music has inspired him to open a gathering space revolving entirely around music.

The Music Space of Owatonna will be a concert venue and record store at 218 N Cedar Ave in downtown Owatonna. The stage area is estimated to have a maximum capacity of 150-180 people and there will be thousands of vinyl pressings in the racks available for purchase. Woodrich said, “I was trying to put a venue together, but I didn’t want it to be a bar and I wanted to attract young people. I thought a record shop would be a nice add on to add to the vibe of the place.” In an effort to filter in people with a genuine interest in music, specifically young people, Woodrich will not be selling alcohol, rather he will be selling craft sodas.

Since his childhood, Woodrich has had a love for music, he added that his first record ever bought was Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty”, and his first concert being an Ozzy Osbourne show. Woodrich said, “My main motivator is that I love music and I want to share music with people.” Opening up a music space of his own has long been a dream of Woodrich’s. Woodrich said, “I’ve wanted to open a music space for 52 years, and I’m 52 years old.”

Woodrich is aiming for an opening in mid-April 2019 and already has a concert scheduled for May 17, 2019 at 7 P.M at which Walter Salas-Humara will be performing. He is also encouraging any musical artist to contact him and perform at The Music Space, specifically young musicians, of any genre. The Music Space of Owatonna will be a great place to hang around and listen to music or shop for your next vinyl record.