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Owatonna High School has scheduled the 2019 spring break to officially start on Monday,  March 25 and go through Sunday, March 31. With the added weekend, this gives students nine days off and plenty of time to schedule spring break outings. After being practically frozen in place all winter, the weather and roads will finally be nice enough for OHS students and staff to enjoy going out of town for spring break.

There are several destination spots to see within driving distance that many OHS students are familiar with. Such as Duluth, Mall of America and the never-ending shows and plays in the nearby cities like Rochester or St. Paul. Senior Lucas Sherwood said, “Wherever you go, you should always be aware of your schedule.” There is plenty of time for students to get round trip tickets to see the beaches Minnesota so sadly lacks.

Traveling comes with some risks and car accidents during this time of year can be a big concern for parents of traveling students. Although the majority of spring break will be above freezing temperatures, it will drop below freezing overnight, potentially leaving freshly frozen morning roads. Senior Jisela Jones said, “It’s best to take it slow life matters more than getting where you want to go.” Students are likely to rush themselves to get to their vacation spots which put them at a higher risk of getting into accidents during spring break. Students are advised to drive slow and stay alert of the driving conditions especially during this refreezing time of year.