Hosting state stud co. convention

Maddie Johnston, Writer

The State Student Council Convention this year will be co-hosted by Owatonna and Medford schools. The convention will take place through April 6 and 8. The 2019 convention will bring together approximately 350 students along with 75 advisers from around Minnesota. The theme of the convention is “Welcome to the Jungle”. It will even feature animals from the Rad Zoo to help bring the theme alive.

Preparing for this convention is a large task. Three separate advisers have teamed together to make this event happen. The purpose of the convention is to provide leadership training for students councils and honor societies through presentation and top 20 presenters. Throughout the days, students will learn various leadership activities that can be taken back to their own schools.

As students register on the first day, candidates running for state office will campaign. Saturday will begin with an opening assembly followed by the first session featuring guest speaker Nate Ecklund. The second day of the convention will consist of presenters, elections of the candidates running for state office and a formal banquet followed by a dance. On the final day of the convention, new executive board members will be announced that were elected by students in attendance. OHS Student Council Member, junior Elise Sande said, “I’m most excited to meet new people from other towns and have fun at the convention.”

At the convention, students will have the opportunity to participate in various activities while meeting students from around the state. Over the course of the weekend, students have the option of partaking in a homestay. This includes them being paired up with students from all over the state and then being put in a host house. Currently, 150 have been housed, but they expect 250 students who need housing. To house the students, community members must be able to accommodate for all driving times and provide two meals for the students. If interested in becoming a host, see Ms. Justice in room D-203 or email her at [email protected]

Through these experiences, adviser Ms. Sandara Justice said, “Students will remember the networking made between other student council and honor society students. The other side is you watch students go away changed from the speakers that are heard because they are inspirational and leadership focused.” All students participating take away something valuable from this experience.