The Joe Bros are back

Emily Beckmann, Writer

The Jonas Brothers are an American pop rock band that was formed in 2005. They started their career by making appearances on the Disney Channel television network. The band consists of three brothers; Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. The Jonas Brothers’ first television appearance was on Aug. 17, 2007 in season two episode 16 of Disney’s Hannah Montana. This episode led to the Jonas Brothers touring with Miley Cyrus on the Best of Both Worlds Tour from October of 2007 to January of 2008. In the summer of 2008, the Jonas Brothers starred in the Disney Channel original movie, Camp Rock and its sequel, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. They also starred in their own Disney Channel series Jonas, which was rebranded as Jonas L.A. Unfortunately, this show was cancelled after the first season.

The band has released four albums throughout their time in the spotlight. Including, It’s About Time (2006), Jonas Brothers (2007), A Little Bit Longer (2008) and Lines, Vines and Trying Times (2009). After the band’s official disbandment in 2013, the brothers were not heard from until Nick Jonas began work on his second solo album. In 2014, the single Jealous was a success, and Nick Jonas won the Songwriters Hall of Fame’s Hal David Starlight Award in 2016. Nick Jonas confesses that he is the reason the band broke up, because he was working on his career as a solo artist and blew off his brothers.

Finally, in 2019 the Jonas Brothers are back together and the world was astonished to hear the news. The announcement that the band was reuniting was well received, then it was followed up by even more excitement over the release of their new single, Sucker. Interestingly, Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas were not planning this reunion, but rather working together on a documentary about their lives and things just fell into place. Many kids growing up around the time of Hannah Montana and Camp Rock fell in love with the Jonas Brothers, making the recent reunion of the band even more special.