Fundraising for the future of kids


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Julia Dallenbach, Writer

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an amazing program that has a mission to provide children facing adversity with a strong, enduring, and professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better. Many high school students are school site bigs, and they can see the difference they are making in their little’s life.

Both the little and big benefit from being matched. Junior Elise Sande, a big sister, said, “I wanted to make a difference in the community and connect with younger students.” Big Brothers Big Sisters has done a great job in shaping positive futures for the programs littles’. Owatonna Senior High School will be fundraising for the BBBS program, so it can continue to impact many kids’ lives.

At OHS, fundraising began on April 4 during the first hour. There was a dash for cash, with the class that raises the most money winning donuts and juice. The total raised from dash for cash was $902.86. Students can donate money by buying raffle tickets during all lunches throughout April 8-12. One dollar equals one entry into the raffle. Some of the prizes include an OTB gift card, a Starbucks gift card, Uffda gear, prom tickets and after prom tickets. Another donation opportunity is on April 10, which will be a hat day, where a hat can be worn by donating one dollar. Last year 1,000 dollars was raised, and the goal is to beat that this year.

Other schools are fundraising as well for the Big Brothers Big Sister program. OHS is competing against the elementary schools and the middle school in Owatonna. Each school is trying their best to raise the most money. Fundraiser organizer, Elizabeth Fink, said, “It is going to a good cause, and it goes to support these kids so that they are able to have people in their lives who support them.” Washington is attacking this fundraiser by doing penny wars, where each grade brings in as many pennies as they can. Lincoln Elementary School will have three buckets that represent teachers, and whoever has the most money will be duck taped to the wall.

On April 12 at the bowling alley, all of the money raised will be presented at the event “Bowl for Kids Sake”. At the event, they will explain how much money each school raised for the program. All proceeds are directly donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters. To get involved with BBBS you can go online to and complete an application form or contact Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota on the phone at (507) 451-5922.