Sliding into the season


Charity Jackson

The infield gets ready for the play

Maddie Johnston, Writer

The Owatonna Girls Softball season is officially underway, and it’s off to a fast start. The team accompanies a current 1-3 record, but the team is looking to build off of this slump as the season progresses. The team’s goal is to bring in more wins, and they are striving to raise their level of defense while also adding more pressure on their opponent’s defense.

Coach Jeremy Moran leads the team along with senior captain Mckenna Schroht, and junior captains Liv Larson, Anna Vetch and Kaitlyn Madole. The team has welcomed a new coach this year; luckily, he arrived ready to challenge the players. Senior Mckenna Schroht said, “He’s been teaching us that it’s more about the little things, and the big things will come later.” The team is also adjusting to new players, and returners adapting to new positions.

The team effort has contributed to the great start in the season, but there have been many key contributors. Moran said, “They are eager to learn and come to practice each day wanting to make themselves better. As a coach that is the biggest thing you can ask for. Also, the team’s atmosphere has been positive so far, making the experience fun for everyone.”

The goal of winning more games this season remains intact. Moran believes that with the motivation the team has, they gain more confidence to achieve their goals. She said, “I hope that we start to improve our team defense. We are still giving the opponent’s extra outs that lead to extra runs. If we can do that we will be able to be much more successful. His team has a lot of potential and I am excited to see what this team will look like at the end of the season.” Come out and support the Huskies at home against Northfield at 5:00 p.m on Thursday,