Scrunchie success

Student Profile: Kaitlyn Madole and Ruth Livingston


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Scrunchies Etc business logo created by Kaitlyn Madole and Ruth Livingston for their company Scrunchies Etc.

While most high schoolers are simply finding jobs wherever they can, two OHS juniors are starting their own business. Young junior entrepreneurs, Kaitlyn Madole and Ruth Livingston, have started their own scrunchie business. Scrunchies are hair ties that have been found to be less damaging than normal ponytails, and they also function as a cute accessory to any outfit. Madole and Livingston decided to take their own personal love of these adorable creations, and share it with as many people as possible, by starting a business. Madole was the one who got the inspiration to start making scrunchies due to her self proclaimed obsession with them.

Madole proudly shared the origin story of Scrunchies Etc. She said, “It took until my junior year to realize that with my history in sewing, I was capable of making them myself.” Livingston shares Madole’s excitement and passion. She said, “One day when Kaitlyn and I were talking, Kaitlyn brought up her idea to make and sell scrunchies. I’ve always loved to sew and I am a huge scrunchie fan, so I was super excited to start a business.”

They met several obstacles along their way of perfecting the scrunchie making process, but ultimately persisted and were soon well on their way to a successful business. Madole said, “The hardest part for me was the unknown when we started. We were putting ourselves out there with the very real possibility of our business being a flop.” Despite this, they were determined to be successful, and their persistence has proven fruitful.

I love when we put together new sets and get to experiment with different colors, materials, and prints. I also love to see people wearing/enjoying the scrunchies that we make.

— Ruth Livingston

As with anything, they have had their fair share of struggles trying to balance staying ahead in school and running a business. Livingston said, “At times running the business can be difficult because we get busy with school and extracurriculars, but luckily it has worked out that when one of us is really busy, the other person can pick up the slack a bit and vice versa.” These young women saw an opportunity in the growing popularity of scrunchies and they took a rewarding risk. Their business has flourished and both of them greatly enjoy what they do.

Already they have been able to see the joy that people get from their products. Livingston said, “I love when we put together new sets and get to experiment with different colors, materials, and prints. I also love to see people wearing/enjoying the scrunchies that we make.”

The pair have had great amounts of encouragement and support from their families as they learn how to keep a business running smoothly. Madole said, “My mom has been a really big part of keeping me focused and on track. She also helps out a lot with making them and I would not be able to keep up without her and my dad has really encouraged me to reach out to famous instagrammers to get our name out there.”

Scrunchies Etc. has been gaining attention through this and will continue to grow as their business gains popularity. Madole and Livingston are currently only making scrunchies, but they hope to expand their horizons to making hair scarves, heat packs and hair bows, to fulfill the “etc.” part of their name. Anyone interested in purchasing their products can direct message them on their Instagram scrunchies_etc or email them at [email protected]. Their products are available in a few stores including Glitter and Grace in Waseca, and they will soon be expanding and selling at The Hat Chic Clothing Co. and Wild About Hair. The main goal is to get their products into other stores around Owatonna soon.