Green card voices exhibit arrives at OHS

Matt Segler, Writer

Coming up soon to the OHS is the green card voices experience. Green card voices is an interactive experience to help introduce students to immigrants and their stories. This organization was founded in 2013, right next door in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their mission is to teach about immigrants, not only as individuals but to show the many great things that they do in America.

On Thursday, April 18, all OHS students will have a TMM where we are introduced to green card voices. Within this time period, there will be a powerpoint talking about the goals and missions that will be brought to OHS. There will be interactive free writes, as well as questions posed to students to create background info for when the experience comes to school. There is a lot to get out of the experience at school and a lot of learning opportunities. Principal Mr. Randall said, “It is trying to educate our staff and our students and really our community on race and equity and becoming more familiar with the idea of equity.”

Next week, from Monday to Friday, the green card voices will be at the school. This experience consists of tables ranging from the auditorium to the commons. Each table contains one immigrant’s story, and there will be a QR code on each table for those students that would like to learn more about the specific story. The tables will be open to view all throughout the school day. OHS is hoping to teach students about others and learning about equity towards all. OHS principal Mr. Randall said, “The school district was part of a grant to be able to bring in the green card voices into our school district. Part of the reason behind that was one of our commitments as a district to equity.”  This exhibit has been on display at other schools during the month of April.

On Monday night, the green card voices experience will be open for all of the community from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the commons at OHS.