Welcoming in the new


NHS President Zach Barrett giving a speech at the NHS induction ceremony

Blake Kubat, Writer

On Monday, April 8, Owatonna’s National Honor Society had their annual induction ceremony in the OHS auditorium. The ceremony was for the newly accepted NHS students. This includes the seniors accepted in the fall, and the newly induced sophomores and juniors. The new inductees receive their certificates and sign the NHS book.

The ceremony started off with a speech, from guest speaker, Mr. Peter Guenther. NHS President Zach Barrett loved Mr. Guenther’s speech. Barrett said, “If you know him, he is certainly a talker and lived up to everything we had hoped.” After the speech, they honored adults in the school and community that have exemplified the four pillars of NHS in their lives, and have inspired the current NHS students. Finally, the current officers were recognized, and the new officers were announced. NHS adviser Mrs. Emily Paur said, “I think the incoming members will complement the current junior members that will also be continuing on the group next year. All those inducted this year, along with those that will continue to be a part of the four pillars of NHS.” This is the biggest group of new members. They have so much going for them, and all of the right things in place to make a lasting impact. To wrap up the ceremony, there was a cake reception for the new members, and their families, to celebrate being inducted.

This ceremony was the end for many members. The seniors who are leaving have shown their impact within OHS, and this was a day to recognize that. Barrett said, “I think we did a whole lot during this year, even though it may not seem like it. Unfortunately, we did not get to have our main event, the talent show, but we still found ways to impact our school culture.” Some things, in particular, included the random acts of kindness group creating activities each month to spread positivity throughout the school. Barrett said, “It is truly amazing to see all of the ways kids found to help the community and strongly affect the lives of countless people.” The students of NHS love to help the community any way they can.