Putting in the work


Hunter Martin

Leah Seykora drives the ball down the fairway

Maddie Johnston, Writer

Junior Leah Seykora has been a member of the girls golf team for three years. Seykora is always working hard to maintain her status while balancing her social and academic life. For some, adding a sport to their daily responsibilities can seem daunting, but for Seykora, golfing is a stress reliever. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two beagles Presley and Cash. In the fall, she also participates in girls swimming.

Seykora can always be found with a smile on her face. Teammate Greta Korbel said, “At practice, she is always able to put a smile on everyone’s face, even on bad days.” Seykora is always looking for every opportunity to make the environment around her positive and welcoming.

Being one of the key contributors to the team, she strives to continue to improve. Seykora said, “My goals are to hit my driver farther and for it to stop fading to the right.” Seykora believes that making goals will up her game. Her teammates and coaches have inspired her to be the player she is, as they are always very encouraging. Coach Tim Hunst said, “Seykora’s a solid player who is willing to work to get better every day. She’s steadily improving already this season.” Seykora has been looking forward to seeing her improvements as the season progresses. Seykora said, “ My favorite thing is making friends; it’s always fun to play with girls on the other team and end up being good friends.” Seykora will continue to bring her leadership skills to the team with her strong capabilities of helping team members out. Currently, Seykora still is undecided about her college choices and is hoping to continue swimming in college.