Hats off to the math department


Nicole Skalicky

The OHS Math Department has added an element of fun to enforcing the rules

Nicole Skalicky, Writer

It all started with a few tallies drawn on the window of the math office. The OHS Math Department has recently taken up a new competition amongst themselves. The object of the game is to crack down on the rejection toward the dress code, particularly the rule against wearing hats and hoodies in school.

Recently, OHS Administration sent out an email to all students, reminding them to be conscious of the school dress code; however, the math department has been dealing with the hoodie and hat rule breakers since the first day of school. The teachers’ patience has been slowly dwindling each day, and as the end of the year is presenting itself, there is very little patience left.

The tally marks represent how many kids each teacher has caught violating the dress code.  So far, three math teachers have decided to take part in this game. Mr. Doug Maine, Ms. Mara Oien and Ms. Emily Paur are enforcing the no hat and hoodie policy. There is no tangible prize; only the sense of a job well done. Mr. Maine said, “All we’re doing is enforcing the school rule that some kids don’t think applies to them.”

All we’re doing is enforcing the school rule that some kids don’t think applies to them.

— Mr. Maine

Ms. Oien created the game to bring some friendly competition among the math department. Mrs. Oien said, “It’s kind of frustrating to constantly be telling the same students over, and over, and over again to follow school rules. Instead of being negative, I thought, let’s come up with a game and make this fun.” The student consensus is that they will take their hats off when told to out of respect for teachers; however, they do not think twice about putting hats on in the first place. The teachers’ goal for the end of the school year is to no longer see any hats or hoodies in their hallway, and at this pace, it is just within their reach.