Serving the youth

Braydn Larson, Writer

Youth Service Leadership (YSL) is a class that focuses on preparing students for real life, while also teaching the importance of giving time and energy through volunteer work. Each student involved is assigned to a site where they are required to go and hang out with kids.

During YSL students are practicing soft skills to will help them grow as leaders. Mrs. Connie Pittmann has been the YSL teacher for seven years and loves the positive impact her class is making. She said, “I very much enjoy teaching YSL. I love seeing the impact my students are having on the community through their volunteer work. It makes my heart happy seeing this.”

Students attend various locations and help out in many ways.n. Junior Alyvia Johnson is enrolled in YSL and is placed at Trinity Preschool. Johnson  said, “You really create a bond with the kids and it’s so cool.” Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday she is at her site, working to build relationships with the kids. Johnson decided to join YSL with the intent to help prepare herself to become a teacher after high school. She figured it would be a good chance to gain experience working with kids. YSL is a commitment and is taken seriously by all OHS students involved. Students must talk to their counselor and get the class added to their daily schedule if interested.