Owatonna baseball is homerun trotting into sections

Carter DeBus, Writer

The Owatonna Baseball team had a hot start to the season holding onto 4-1. The team has big aspirations to live up to with the prior team being named Big 9 champions. The team lost six senior starters last year that were crucial players on the field and leaders for the younger players. The team has struggled to find their ace pitcher which has forced the Huskies to move guys around through their last few games.

The big thing is finding out the lineup that we are gonna go with in games 21 and 22 through playoffs

— Head coach Tate Cummins

The team has many young infielders requiring the team to move players around to make the finalized decisions on best-fit positions for the team. Junior Matt Williams said, “It’s great that the younger kids are given an opportunity to play, and be given the chance to show coaches what we are capable of.” The team has struggled the past couple weeks with some difficult conference games, along with a long tournament in St. Cloud, but they are keeping their heads high as they are heading into playoffs, striving for better seeding.

The team will hold the important role in polishing up any rough edges so they might continue pushing through strong into sections. Head coach Tate Cummins said, “The second half of the season, we’re gonna try to eliminate some strikeouts. We have had a lot of defensive errors. We are trying to give the kids all the reps they need to play at a high level.” The team plans to work out any kinks found late in the second half of their season. The team’s next game will be Thursday in Albert Lea.