Art for everyone


Lauren Arthur

Photo of the 2019 spring art splash promotion poster.

Lauren Arthur, Writer

Twice a year, the OHS Student Council puts on their annual art splash. Typically located at a local coffee shop, the event benefits not only students, but also the community. This spring, the art splash was hosted at Chill-Aqui, a cafe that recently opened last year. Chill-Aqui jumped at the chance to host again because of the energy and excitement it brought last fall.

This art splash displayed an array of students’ talent such as singing, instrumentals and poetry. Freshmen Bailey Manderfeld took up the responsibility of being a co-chair of the event after experiencing its impact in the fall. Manderfield said, “The art splash is an amazing way for students to showcase their talents.” This year the most unique acts were a barber shop style quartet by Zach Libel, Gabe Rysavy, Gannon Kuehn, and Nathan Beugler and an oboe duet by Carter Kuehn and Lauren Phelps.

The art splash is a unique event because it lets the student council connect with a different demographic of students. Unlike elementary school game night or basketball extravaganza, anyone can participate either as a performer or an audience member. Student council advisor, and orchestra director, Mrs. Sandra Justice said, “The art splash allowed students the opportunity to perform in a different type of environment. Typically we are only in large ensembles on our stage or at a solo ensemble, this is much less intimidating. They got to be who they are.” An art splash is a free event, so there were no barriers for anyone attending.