Homecoming dance preview


Mariah Schroht, Writer

Homecoming is a fun and exciting experience for OHS students. The week is filled with many activities, leading up to the dance. For many students, the homecoming dance is something they have been thinking about for months. The theme this year is Rock n’ Roll revival.

Adviser Mrs. Sandra Justice is on year three of running this exciting event with the student council members. She is very excited about new additions including having the theme voted on by the student body, and a new DJ. Mrs. Justice said, “If you have a group of friends going, you know you’re going to have fun.”

A big and exciting change for the 2019 homecoming dance is the new DJ. There are two DJ’s coming that will provide a light show and a platform that will be raised. There is a website where students can go to and request a song. The new energy that will come from the DJ is Mrs. Justices’ hope to give homecoming a better vibe.

The OHS Student Council students in charge of the dance are juniors Emily Hagen and Emma Danert. Danert says, “I am super excited about what homecoming will look like this year. Planning the dance has been a lot of fun.”

Homecoming tickets can be bought for $7 during your lunch from Sept. 30 – Oct. 3, or $10 at the door. The dance will be on Saturday, Oct. 5 at the Owatonna Middle School from 9 p.m to midnight. Don’t forget your ticket and student I.D.