College and Career Fair Tuesday


Graphic by Logan Steckelberg

College and Career Day on Oct. 22, go to your TMM at 8:10

Logan Steckelberg, Writer

Students often struggle with planning for their future after high school and helping the kids prepare is a big priority for OHS staff. There are plenty of options and careers for seniors to pursue after graduation, and exposing them to colleges and jobs is a great way for kids to start really thinking about what they want to do.

This is the eighth year that OHS has hosted a college and career day. There will be many options for students grades 9-12 to look into, including looking at various colleges, military options, owning their own business and workplace realities among other things. A mandatory session about vaping and its effects will also be held in the auditorium for all students to attend. 

The college and career day will be on Tuesday, Oct. 22. Each class will begin their day in their respective TMM classrooms, each grade with a different schedule. Each TMM will be assigned a breakout time in which students get to choose two topics to look into and listen to each specific speaker.

There will be around 60 local businesses and 90 colleges for kids; it’s really just a lot about exposure.

— Assistant Principal Hollie Jeska

With plenty of options for students, there is bound to be something for everyone. Assistant Principal Hollie Jeska said, “There will be around 60 local businesses and 90 colleges for kids; it’s really just a lot about exposure.” With that many businesses and institutions, the students of OHS have plenty of opportunities to take in their future options. Almost all of the businesses, colleges and speakers coming are not paid but are volunteering their time.

One college and career day, organizer Mr. Tate Cummins said, “It’s a very positive learning experience for all of our kids, there’s not many high schools that are gonna have this type of college and career day.”