Community collaborations

Elyssa Munch, Editor

On Oct. 12, 2019, the second annual Miscast event took the stage here at OHS. This event is a fundraiser put on by Owatonna Theater Boosters. Miscast is a mashup of different songs and scenes from a variety of musicals that participants have chosen to act out. But there’s a twist and in this twist is where Miscast gets its name. In these songs and scenes, males are cast as females and dress as the opposite gender. The same goes for females: they take on previously male roles. Prior to the show is a silent auction as a part of the fundraiser. The goal of the event is to help theatrical events that go on. This can be anything from buying new microphones to renting costumes. The totals for this years auction reached over $2000.

A lot of time and energy is more focused on the theatrical aspect of things. The Saturday night performance. Technical director Ms. Betsy Cole said, “One of my favorite things about this event is how it brings the theater community together. There is a variety of ages and experience levels but an overall shared passion for theater.” Because it is in addition to the fall play, one of the difficulties with this event is finding time for rehearsals with everyone’s busy schedules. But these performers are willing to do what it takes to put on an amazing show. Ms. Cole said, “This event can have such a positive impact on those involved. It lets younger theater enthusiasts see that the passion for theater can continue after they graduate, even if it isn’t what they do for a living.”

People who take part in this event are anyone from OHS students, OHS alumni, OHS staff and those involved in community theater. One of the Owatonna community members that is taking part is Jason Meyer. Meyer was asked to be a part because of his frequent involvement in community theater. Meyer said, “I love musicals and getting to sing songs I normally wouldn’t be able to is very fun.” One of the students who is taking part in this event is senior Elizabeth Borromeo. Borromeo is singing a solo and is in the group numbers as well. Borromeo has taken part in quite a few theatrical performances here at OHS. She said, “My favorite part is being able to sing whatever I want and pretend I was given a part that I never could have gotten and being around people with the same interests as myself.” Borromeo is singing the song Music of the Night from the production Phantom of the Opera. This event is the perfect opportunity for an entertaining night out. Borromeo said, “I definitely recommend that people go to this event and future events here. The theater community is beautiful.” This event will be taking place for hopefully many more years to come.