Cheering on the team


Kenzie Haberman

Flyer Mariah Cuellar is thrown by her team

Zach Lembke, Writer

Every game needs their own set of cheerleaders. With all their success, there is a hint of sadness. Junior captain Kiera Hosteller is moving after the last regular-season home game against Mankato East, leaving the team short one strong member. This presents new difficulties for the rest of the season. 

A team that always impresses the crowd is the OHS Cheer Team. This year they have kicked off the school year on the first day and have been stunting and cheering at the home football games.  The cheer team started practicing on June 11 for the upcoming season.The team quickly has to learn how to adapt their formations around having one less member. Senior Abby Leemkuil said, “The team has had a very exciting season so far, and I am looking forward to potentially making it to the bank again.”

So far, the season has been going very well and the whole team has been getting along well and working very well together. They have been hardworking and the upperclassmen have been incredibly friendly to the newcomers and have been excellent leaders for the entire group. For now their hopes for the future of cheer is to get newcomers and to perform more advanced and complex stunts, as stated on the topic of future goals by Mrs. Oien, “We want to get everyone involved in performing stunts and allowing our cheerleaders to pull off more advanced stunts to make the viewing experience.” The cheer team will continue to be on the sidelines for the football games in the postseason.