Blackout revives Fortnite


Fortnite Black Hole

Isaac Gefre, Writer

Over the past two years, Fortnite has become one of the most popular video games in the world, with over 250 million players. This past week Epic Games decided to end the first phase of the game and start fresh in Chapter 2 .

Epic Games had the Fortnite map sucked into a virtual black hole for over forty-eight hours leaving players in the dark on what the next step was for the beloved game. Senior Ethan Walter said, “I went to play Fortnite with my friends and all our screens were black. I was confused about what was happening.” Many students have waited out the Fortnite blackout and are still currently playing Fortnite at the OHS.

Fortnite has still kept some things the same in the new chapter. The game modes have stayed the same with solos, duos and squads. They have kept the same core loot since the first season but have vaulted many other weapons. Freshman Nills Gantert said, “I like that Fortnite kept some of the same things so I was familiar with the game and could still play with friends.” Fortnite is still adding new elements to the game while keeping the original game modes the same.

One of the most noticeable changes in the game is the brand new map for the battle royale mode. There are many new named locations that are split up by new rivers. Players can now swim in any body of water or use the new boats added into the game. One other major thing they did was change the battle pass, making it easier to earn rewards for completing quests.

Senior Trevor Otterson said, “ I have liked the new skins and gun wraps you can get, and they also made the new map much cooler.”This is not the first time Fortnite has revamped the game, with the addition of Fortnite Mobile and the always updating seasons, but this is the most drastic change to the game so far.

Many players are using the Fortnite Mobile app on their phones to play the game, the new update makes it easier to maneuver within the game. Fortnite continues to try and stay on top of the gaming world with frequent changes.

Epic Games continues to update the game to make it run smoother and keep people interested in-game. Even with the same core game and game modes, Fortnite is still bringing people back to play. With the new Chapter 2 update, Epic Games has kept the gaming world on their toes and excited to see what will be updated and added to the beloved game.