College Knowledge Month at OHS


Marcus Andrist

Roxi Stewart prepares herself for free transcript day in the career center

Marcus Andrist, Writer

October is College Knowledge Month. Throughout the month, secondary and post-secondary educators collaborate to make the high school to college transition easier for students. Statewide excitement about exploring and planning for college is one of the main focuses while encouraging students to apply and plan for college. This month college exploration is sponsored by statewide higher education and nonprofit partners including Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) and the Minnesota Department of Education. One of the requirements is that participants from secondary education sites must devote time during the school day to allow students to explore colleges. Post-secondary institutions volunteer at various events, such as Owatonna High School’s College and Career Day, which was held on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

All the factors to making the crucial steps towards applying to colleges will be available throughout the week. Most Minnesota colleges will also have free applications this week. If college application fees, which can range anywhere from $30 to $100, are a financial struggle for students after the week of free applications, then the NACAC fee waiver is an option. All Minnesota post-secondary institutions accept the NACAC fee waiver all year for qualified students. This fee waiver is dependent on the ACT or SAT testing completion, and includes up to four free applications. 

Free transcripts are really clutch going down the stretch of submission deadlines. It helped me to submit the last few applications I wanted.

— Augie Grubish

Many students can benefit from this week of information and assistance for college. For senior Augie Grubish, “Free transcripts are really clutch going down the stretch of submission deadlines. It helped me to submit the last few applications I wanted.” Students who may not be in there final year of high school can still benefit greatly from educating themselves further on what colleges look for in a potential student. Many decisions like knowing who to ask for recommendation letters, or discovering which scholarships to apply for in the future will make the process much more streamlined once the time comes to apply. Additional steps such as establishing study habits and completing practice tests for the ACT and SAT will improve grades and standardized test scores that many colleges look for in their applicants. Many students experience the overarching stress that comes with the pressure to be admitted into a good college; however, many resources are available to help organize and relieve the process. 

Students should be aware of the benefits as College Knowledge month continues. During class on Wednesday, Oct. 30, all OHS seniors will receive passes to the career center. Ms. Sara Craig said, “We will have information on scholarships, jobs, financial aid, and recommendation letters. There will be prizes, and everyone should wear their college gear.”